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When you’re watching your friend get mobbed by creepers within the safety of your house


Yes,again a post aboout Joji.

He inspires me so much <3 His poems and story and everything just keeps me going.

He’s my hero. He’s been my hero for 2 years. Even if I don’t know him,he helps me so much when I’m down.

I’d do anything to meet him. Sometimes I just feel like… like I need a hug. but not just a normal hug. one of HIS hugs. I know that sounds weird but… He’s one of the few persons who helped me to stop self-harming. I’m so glad that I found his Deviantart 2 years ago.

Joji,you’re truly the most beautiful and elegant creature in the world.

I love you ♥


Ugh, people saying Joji Grey is a “girl” and is “not goth” ¬¬